Project Description

Sky Spaace Mango Garden Resort is a place of commitment and satisfaction. In terms of Hyderabad Real Estate it is a Unique concept, The customer get a Residential plot in Fully developed area, Highly Employment zone, the Hyderabad’s feature city. Aeronautical – IT – Pharma hub. Connecting many roads and Transport Facilities, It is a fully Go Green eco friendly nature gift.


Mango Garden Resort Generates two types of Income to the customer. With maintains Green concept there we are giving 6 mango plantation in each (133 sq yard) plot. We are planting above 2 years old plants, and we are committing to the customer to give mango fruits after 2 years. Customer should get guaranteed income through mango fruits. It should be increase from year to year.

Over a period of time your Plot cost is appreciation , along with the appreciation you will get income with Mango Plantation, so this is the double benifit for Single Least investment.